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Get to the Point

On a recent flight to L.A. we rediscovered something worth remembering: get to the Point. That is, if possible, get to Point Mugu. It’s beautiful, and there are often fun treats there for aviation buffs.

7900 Mugu Munitions

7900 Mugu Munitions

Next to the intricately beautiful wetlands at the beach, some munitions bunkers hunker down into the sand to stoically invite the somber question: what’s inside?

Whether in the air or on the ground, there are always aircraft and related things to take in as well. This trip was no exception, with a colorful background for two Navy E2 carrier-based radar planes flying in circles around one of the runways.

7903 E2 For You

7903 E2 For You

With no other private planes around, it felt like they were doing their practice carrier landings on a small part of the big runway – just for us.


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