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Traffic Stop

My “feathers” got a good scratch today, because we flew Dad to Santa Paula. It’s such a delight to share flying with someone who loves it. Dad’s logged thousands of hours flying for the Navy in WWII, and he loves it more than most.

Along the way, I was treated to a traffic jam on the 101 freeway. I say treated because of a sadistic personality defect developed since getting my pilot license. Anytime the roads slow I remember years of sitting in such surface congestion, when I used to glance longingly up at any passing plane.

7433 Traffic on 101

7433 Traffic on 101

Looks like maybe the driver of this semi truck had a medical issue. Traffic was slow in both directions as people slowed to take in the scene.

7432 Sudden Change

7432 Sudden Change

Whether the trucker or someone else, anytime we see or hear an ambulance we think about what a sudden and dramatic change such vehicles portend for someone. I’m reminded of the 5am ride Anne had a few years ago after a routine medical exam the day before went horribly wrong. The sound of a siren is almost like a mourning wail to me now. I’m glad we three were all happy and healthy flying slowly and quietly past, and hope it all turned out ok down there.


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