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We’re feeling more Home than usual tonight. We flew to San Diego to bring Dad back for a visit, and our place feels so filled with Family! Having been a pilot in WWII he of course loves to fly, so that adds to our fun too. There were low clouds along the coast, so we detoured via El Monte rather than our usual route along the coast. That coupled with smog, higher than usual altitude and afternoon sun made it so hazy I didn’t snap a single pic! I do have one to share of our departure past the Stevens Bridge, which as you may recall is our favored driving route into town because when crossing we vote on the best view (mountains or coast, and mountains usually win). We enjoy looking down at the pathetic view it offers when flying past like this, because from Tripp the view is almost always spectacular in every direction.

7392 Leaving Home

7392 Leaving Home

So anyway, here’s a glance toward the bridge where the two cars currently on the span are probably oblivious to our passing. I’m guessing that because we often pull over to let the traffic go by before crossing the bridge just below the speed limit. I wonder if anyone else actually takes the time to enjoy those views from the bridge, because most seem quite intent on getting somewhere. Maybe it’s unusual how thoroughly we enjoy our beautiful Home.


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