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Higher Math

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You don’t need a college degree, but it helps. You can get them here, as Molly can attest.

6250 Slough & UCSB

6250 Slough & UCSB

So here’s the math problem. You’re in a plane leaving Santa Barbara going North to Santa Ynez and you pass an Amtrak train that is Southbound.

6257 Amtrak at DP Beach

6257 Amtrak at DP Beach

OK, you may have already figured out the answer: I’m messing with you. Though the train is Southbound, it’s actually going East because of our coastline here and we were flying West out of SBA before turning toward Santa Ynez. But it serves to illustrate the sort of higher math I’m really talking about: Anne + John + Tripp = way too much fun. 🙂


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