John & Anne Wiley


Lucky Path

Going over photos from our flight to Spokane, we recall both the gradual shift from “black and white” frozen landscapes to color and our good fortune. The water at Sandpoint, ID was starting to thaw, and hints of color appeared. You might notice also the fuzzy skies in the distance, that kept us continually alert to our flight. Several times as the skies grew more fuzzy like this we considered turning back, landing at an airport, or continuing. Maybe it was just the slight difference made by cars and trucks on the highways we followed, but we were always able to comfortably continue even though sometimes the skies on either side were more overcast.

5810 Sandpoint Idaho

5810 Sandpoint Idaho

The patterns in the ice were intricately beautiful, but we were glad that skies continued to improve ahead so we didn’t need to stop there and wait for more Spring-like weather. The route we’d flown North through Boise, Helena and Lethbridge would have been blocked by low clouds.  We’re happy to have chosen the correct path home, and to have left on a good day for the flight.


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