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So we’re walking out to go for a short late afternoon flight, and Anne notices the “O” on the tail of this jet parked outside the hangar where Tripp gets pampered by Glenn and his guys. Is it Oprah? We looked up the plane’s number, and it’s just been to Ireland and back with stops in Goose Bay and Fargo. Fun trip regardless of who was on board, eh?

4955 O Tail Tale

4955 O Tail Tale

We mostly went to the airport to fiddle with some interior trim on Tripp, but couldn’t bear the thought of making her sit there while other planes were flying. Especially if this jet she’s been looking at had just been to the Emerald Isl and back. 🙂

4957 Stowe's Lake

4957 Stowe's Lake

Whether or not the jet is Oprah’s, the Stow House and Lake Los Carneros are leftovers from the pre-jet era when private lakes and railroads were the thing. Lovely place for a walk, and easy on the eye just after takeoff too.


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