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Sometimes photos are toothless, like this one from my antique cellphone.

120310_005 Cell Sun

120310_005 Cell Sun

The sky was so magnificent, but all we had was the phone. It does give an impression, and the opalescent quality of the sky might be dimly similar to the impressionist historic paintings of smoky London.

The title of this post though, is about the fact there’s a tooth missing in my smile now. Today the dentist said it’s time to give up on trusty old number 21 (lower left, behind the “eye” tooth, 4th from the center). We’d already spent a great flying trip’s-worth of Tripp cash on it, so it took considerable convincing. When we saw the x-rays of how thoroughly the infection was eating away my jaw, we finally caved in (so to speak). I’m now one of those old geezers with gaps. Next we get to decide whether to waste even more Tripp bucks on an implant. Comments, advice and suggestions welcome. It sure would be more fun to fly, or at least spend the cash on some fancy Tripp toy. Tail strobe, flashing HID landing light, avionics upgrade, even a good part of a spiffy paint job. When our Tripp is happy, we’re happy. 🙂


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