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Big Sky

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Same eve, whilst I was walking, I caught these photos to show to John.

0967 Sunset Tree

0967 Sunset Tree

Our winter skies are so spectacular of late…

0968 setting Sun, big Sky

0968 setting Sun, big Sky

by ~Anne


Tiny Window

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We have a tiny window in our bathroom that opens on the Winter sunsets. Watching tonight’s show, it wasn’t different enough to motivate me toward the camera so I just stood and watched. Then suddenly just before it all ended, the horizon lit up magnificently against the deepening blue.

3968 Last Colors

3968 Last Colors

As it faded, I realized this is the last natural color we’ll see today. Luckily during these long nights we have lots of holiday lights to enjoy, eh? I also pondered how the sunset itself is a little window: into what’s going on beyond the horizon. If it’s cloudy there, the sunset ends early. If it’s clear way out into the Pacific the light show lasts late with deep blue above.

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