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Thanksgiving Eve Flight

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Thanksgiving Eve we took the historian and for much of the time I held the window up high so he could take photos with his big camera.  I got just a couple of  shots ‘on the fly’ with my point&shoot, one pretty and the other playful.  I took this sunset by shooting backwards as we had just turned Tripp east for the airport:

0827 Sunset behind us

0827 Sunset behind us

My quick capture of this offshore oil platform in the fading light amid camera motion created the look of Lifesaver candy lights:

0828 Oil Platform Lightshow

0828 Oil Platform Lifesavers

~by Anne



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We flew over Fremont’s likely “slippery rock” spot again, and since Anne doesn’t seem moved to share some of her pix from the flights here’s one I find interesting.

3521 Fremont's Groove

3521 Fremont's Groove

So if this groove was made prior to Fremont’s trek, were those tracks there too? Are they as seems the case, worn into the sandstone? What created those perpendicular lines? Maybe added for traction? Can you tell I like this sort of thing? 🙂

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