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I really enjoy Anne’s photographic eye. Not just because it gives me a window into her soul by letting me see what she notices, but because she opens my eyes to new ways of looking.

0805 Casino Gull

0805 Casino Gull

On the beach where she walked during my dental appointment is the Coral Casino where rich folks hang out, and it has this cool ornamental light on top. On the beach walk rail, she paused to make eye contact with a crow.

0803 Innocent Crow

0803 Innocent Crow

This one apparently wasn’t involved with a “murder” as described in the PBS Nature episode “A Murder of Crows” (not about homicide, in case you didn’t know). Ever since watching that, we have a new fascination with crows because they’re incredibly smart and have a social life similar to humans in many ways.

Another item on the “eyes” theme today is this cool hands free flashlight/reading light we found at Costco, that’s handy for one of us to read without disturbing the other. I also used it tonight to go out and pick up a few fallen avos while keeping my hands free.

Each end has two LED light bulbs, a spotlight and a wide angle, with a push button for off, spot, wide, or both. So with both on and the beams pointed at different areas it did a good job of lighting up a wide swath of the ground so I could find any fallen avos before the skunks and critters do. Then I pointed the beams one above the other to nicely illuminate an entire aviation magazine page I was reading. We’ll probably put at least one of these in Tripp as a handy light for ground operations before/after night flights and on our “fly-camping” trips. Are we the last people to discover this useful $7 item?



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