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John’s appointment today took us to Montecito, always a treat.  I took a walk and got waylaid at a pricey shop nearby where I considered buying a colorful scarf, then walked to the Biltmore without it.

Oceanside, on this fuzzy gray day, a crow and I stood and listened with deep delight to the soothing waves rolling ashore.

0801 Butterfly Beach - black&white day

0801 Butterfly Beach - black&white day

Turning 180′ the opposite direction from the view above, these seven uniformed gardeners are not noticing the gray day behind them, focusing instead on industriously adding pots of color to the elegant Biltmore.

0806 Seven Gardners

0806 Seven Gardeners plant color

On my way back to meet John I bought us hot chocolate with whipped cream, yummy and very unusual for me to do – and yes, I also stopped by the shop and bought the colorful scarf!

~by Anne


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