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It’s been fun treating this blog like a diary of sorts because we sometimes review the posts and recall related experiences, and also because it’s fun to share with you. So the longer gap between posts lately is a little surprising. We’ve had plenty of fun, but just didn’t blog for some reason(s).

We’ve become a little involved with the growing movement to replace four of the seven current SBCC Board of Trustees. Four new candidates are running for the first hotly contested Board election in recent memory. They were begged to run by many friends who know how much they can contribute to getting SBCC back on track, and we’re very much hoping to help get the word out because the local media hasn’t done a very good job. If you’re interested in education, take a look at the Citizens4SBCC group’s website where you can learn about the issues and the four to vote for: Haslund, Croninger, Blum, & Macker. If all you need is something to remember when voting:

No SBCC Incumbents!

OK, so another recent activity was our Sunday flight to San Diego for Dad’s 91st birthday. The date was actually last weekend, but we missed the family gathering then due to thick local fog that prevented us getting Tripp out of SBA using “Visual Flight Rules” (VFR, basically meaning clear of clouds).

As if to reward us for waiting, the weather was glorious! Here’s what we saw soon after takeoff, looking past SBA and UCSB out to the islands.


1910 SBA to Channel Islands

1910 SBA to Channel Islands


Looking the other way, the canyons leading up to the mountains were also incredibly beautiful. Such a place to live!


1922 Quiet Mountain

1922 Quiet Mountain


The first small bare spot on the ridge just left of center is a favorite local hang glider launch spot, but I guess the air was too calm because we didn’t see any flying. For more detail, click on Our Photo Page in the top right column to see tagged identification of areas on the mountain.  I’ll blog more about the trip soon (I hope).


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