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I’ve been meaning to post more pix of our flight to San Diego last weekend, and time just flies by! For one thing, we got busy getting the word out about the Indy (SB Independent newspaper) SBCC candidate endorsement. So here are some pix just after the prior ones, still leaving the SB area.


1936 Mission SB

1936 Mission SB


The main SB Mission (center) is all many visitors ever see, though a few walk across to the magnificent rose garden (right). On this day there was some event going on at the school (left), and we once taught a seminar in one of the meeting rooms there. Across the road (top) are some remains of the aqueduct that we’ve also encountered traces of far up in the creek. Interesting to ponder what this area was like back when the native people built it for the missionaries.

I enjoy noticing how people with lots of money spend some of it on real estate. One that often gets my attention is down by Summerland. The story according to someone on Edhat is that the owner couldn’t get permits from the County to build freely, since the land was zoned agricultural. The solution was to build a horse ranch, that is in reality a polo field. This mansion and pool adjoin the field that’s out of frame at the top. I’ve posted different pix of these spots on my Photo Page (link in right column of this page).


1977 Agriculture

1977 Agriculture


Shall I post more pix from the flight, switch to our flight back from Santa Ynez on Tuesday (Tripp was stuck there due to fog at SBA), or concentrate on flying again to get new pix? Maybe all three. 🙂


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