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Special Day

Today was especially special for us. We did a variety of things, with emphasis on those Anne loves best and at a pace fast enough to be exciting but slow enough to savor each activity. After an afternoon swim we hung around home for a while and then went for a sunset spin in Tripp. Anne learned how to do radio calls, and I explained some of the things that go into flying. We’ve talked many times about doing that, but somehow either I’ve been too busy flying or she’s been too busy enjoying the view or doing something else. Today she seemed to begin getting a grasp on the simplified steps that help her grasp the process of transitioning Tripp from flying to landing. If I review the steps again for her next time we fly, maybe she’ll remember them and have a better sense of what had seemed to her a confusing blur of hand movements that goes into every landing.

Since the moon will be full in three nights it was up early and I got this shot of it over the Mesa. I just snapped it without taking a moment to check settings, so it’s not a technically good photo but I like the effect and maybe it’s worth what you’re paying. 🙂

1157 Waxing Mesa Moon

1157 Waxing Mesa Moon

Off to our left a moment later we passed Hendry’s Beach (tourists know it as Arroyo Burro), where we’d thought about going for a beach walk and maybe stopping at the restaurant afterward. Instead we enjoyed the golden glow of sunset washing over other couples strolling the beach as Tripp thrummed her quiet sound slipping along offshore at low speed. So beautiful!

1160 Hendry's Sunset

1160 Hendry's Sunset

Back on the ground, we drove into town shopping for a quiet meal. Cruising our Altered State Street we settled at Pascucci’s. We used to go there often, but tend to spend all our money on flying lately. By splitting a meal it ended up pretty inexpensive, and we enjoyed the new menu. Sitting at a quiet table by the fireplace we celebrated the approaching end of a special day.

There seem to be ever more days lately, that find us many times feeling a serene joyfulness permeating our awareness. Often we’re noticing it simultaneously and other times one of us tunes into it, looks at the other who notices, then in timeless eye contact we journey to a blissful state together. We spoke with a friend with some mobility challenges about happiness recently, and another friend from Sri Lanka today about his joyful anticipation of returning to that country to care for his aging parents. If the days grow colder and we face new medical, financial or other challenges I hope we can embrace those times with some measure of the deep joy we feel now.  May your days bring ever more consciousness of the beautiful and fleeting life we all share.


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