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When I was little, my family drove along the California coast several times to visit relatives and in our moves from SoCA to Bay Area and back. When we’d pass what I now call the Oil Island between Ventura and Carpinteria, I’d gaze at the palm trees out there and imagine exotic South Seas adventures. When we flew near it on our return flight to SBA Tuesday, I noticed the reddish hue of an algae bloom in the water just off the beach at the lower-right and imagined glowing waves breaking in the moonlight that night.

1092 Oil Island

1092 Oil Island

I guess musings like those are why I thought of this place as Fantasy Island. I wonder whether that reddish hue really is the kind of algae that creates bio-luminescence, and whether the people in those beach houses splash in the liquid light on warm nights.

Closer to Carp we saw people surfing, sunning, and this pair walking their dog.

1094 Beach Walk

1094 Beach Walk

Sure reminds me of all the beach fun we’ve had in this area. I can almost hear the soothing surf fizzing in surges of white noise, and feel the moist sand between my toes. Does it make you take a long, deep breath like I just did?


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