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Lost Day


Well, today was invested in handling several important distractions from our plan of preparing for MT (MerryTimes, my name for our flight to Nova Scotia and the east coast). Anne just squirmed in her seat said, “This has been one papery day!” Now she’s back at her typing on the laptop. I sighed again after typing this.

This morning we had a long and delicious talk about the trip. We discovered that each of us had some sadness about it. I was sad to still be here while weather on our route is turning colder and wetter. She was sad that we hadn’t talked more about her initial desire to just make this a return visit the east coast. I’m so glad we talked! Now we’re “processing” in between our “paper” time, and continue to go deeper into where our feelings are coming from. I just love that we don’t focus on strategies, but instead delve deeply in the realm of who we are and what we want. To me, this is the Meaning of Life. 🙂

So needless to say, we’ve done nothing at all to prepare for departure. One thing I started on yesterday and intended to work on today, is “wind deflectors” for Tripp. When we open her windows in flight, there’s lots of wind noise. I’ve figured out a way to clip an angled plexiglass strip onto the back edge of each window frame in their respective doors, so that wind is deflected back outside rather than buffeting everything in the back seat and making so much noise. Let me know if you’d like a sketch, and I’ll probably post a photo once I actually build and try them.

I’m glad we flew yesterday, and took a break just now to review a few more of the photos. Now I never had a Beanie Baby toy so I don’t know much about them, but apparently they made a guy named Ty Warner quite rich. He’s involved in some high-profile real estate here in Santa Barbara, and one story I find interesting is his place above Butterfly Beach. I’ve heard he bought half a dozen mansions on that prime property from their reluctant owners, dozed them all flat, and built this complex.

1057 Ty Warner's Cottage

1057 Ty Warner's Cottage

I like the open design, and being fascinated by the story (whether true or not) I often glance at and/or snap this place when we fly past offshore. It seems to be mostly complete now, but we watched the construction for what seemed like years. Click on the photo (as with most any photo here) to see the larger version, and imagine the ocean & islands view from the pool and cabana.

Glancing further up to coast we could see what looked like an algae bloom in the water.

1058 Miramar & Summerland

1058 Miramar & Summerland

Above the wide beach near the left edge you can make out the row of cottages and beyond that the rest of what remains from the Miramar Hotel. I think that’s owned by another developer, but possibly Ty is involved too? Sadly, it’s currently languishing and locals miss the restaurant where they used to have meetings, meals or just gather for coffee. Further along to the East above the brown bluffs is internationally known local software company QAD (amazing buildings and view if you’ve never been there). Just past that is Summerland beach and the small seaside town sprawling beyond the freeway. We once played on that beach with friends on a summer evening during an algae bloom, and delighted in the “liquid light” created by every wave. It was fun to splash and swim in, and every time I see an algae bloom from the air I wonder if it’s of the sort that would create those conditions.

Well, back to “paper” and maybe later some tinkering with Tripp’s deflectors.


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