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3pm 6/19 Over Sherpa Fire

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I’ve just sent this to Edhat, and will try to post more and bigger pix later tonite:

We flew over the Sherpa Fire at 3pm Sunday and got a bunch of aerials. We’re in the middle of Father’s Day events but I wanted to shoot these off to Ed in case they have time to post them. I’ll put them on our blog too in case they’re too busy to post, because they show the whole burn area and though we’re seeing smoke in town the aerial views are very reassuring. In essence there are only half a dozen spot fires big enough to make a small visible smoke plume and they’re all inside the burned perimeter except one at the North edge that’s well-painted with PhosChek. In fact, while passing overhead we saw a small jet and then the DC-10 both do big drops to paint a bright red line above that edge. Lots of other pix including heli drop but I’ll put those on our blog later tonite.



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