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Many Horses

Tripp’s getting her annual inspection right now and we might be flying her again soon. I’m hoping we can use all the extra “horses” she has compared with similar planes. That horsepower enables her to perform much better on hot days or at high altitude, and to carry more of the extra stuff we tend to haul around on flying adventures (camping gear, all-weather clothing, tweaky tandem bicycle, and even sometimes inflatable 2-person kayak).

But rather than share aerial pix (or anything to do with Tripp’s horses) in this post, here are some of the many horses we saw downtown back on August 1st.

4864 Four Horsemen

4864 Horsemen

It’s called the Fiesta Parade, and though some locals tell us they avoid the crowds we like the old-timey quality of it. Some really beautiful horses, trick ponies, antique horse-drawn transportation, lots of mules, and interesting people from far and wide who love all this.

4893 Spirit

4893 Spirit

Many of the horses are very spirited, some get spooked by all the commotion, and the one on the right above seemed to be a concern for two guys watching from the wagon as the rider managed a sudden burst of speed. It was fun watching the equestrians show off their animals, like when this multi-team wagon made a wide circle to give everyone a closer look.

4900 Circling The Wagon

4900 Circling The Wagon

Some of the floats aren’t pulled by horses, all along the route are vendors of various kinds, and at De La Guerra Plaza people gather at a colorful mercado.

4910 Mercado

4910 Mercado

We enjoyed it, but we’ll be glad to ride our horses back into the wild blue and share new pix from there. 🙂


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