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Sedona Sunrise

Sunrise at the airport this morning was both memorable and “unphotographable.”

6096 SEZ Moon Sunrise

6096 SEZ Moon Sunrise

The airport code here is SEZ, and the moon over the buttes sez a lot. 🙂

Because we couldn’t get a campsite (Easter rush), we tried out my new configuration for sleeping in Tripp. Unlike the crazy hour of fitful sleep we had in Terrace on the NxNW adventure, this time we got about 5 hours. C-172 pilots, contact me if you’d like to know how we did it.

Today we join up with Zubair & family, and right now the plan is to first fly the area scouting out our fave spots. Then we’ll share a rental car to cruise the town and maybe drive out to one of the spots we liked best. Early evening we’ll get back in the planes and take one more short tour of this area, then fly in loose formation to Flagstaff for the night. Delights await…


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