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First Things

First on our list is packing for scenes like this view of Sedona from our 2009 flight there. Not just packing like you would for a driving, hiking, boating, tenting or an ordinary flying trip. Packing for all of the above. Since that last item has some special constraints, it greatly affects the goal and process. The goal is to minimize both weight and bulk, because in Tripp there’s no surplus capacity for either. She has a lot of a quality pilots love: “If it will fit, it will fly.” That is, unlike most planes of her size, she has enough power to reach 17,000 feet carrying over 1,000 pounds more that her own weight. Still, packing for Big Adventures is unique.

4723 First Destination

4723 First Destination

I’m guessing there’s been some new construction since then, so the city may be reaching further toward those colorful buttes. By the way,  on Zubair’s blog you can see pix of some places we “plan” to visit. When we drove there many years ago, it was striking but from the road we didn’t know that nearby are scenes like this.

4745 Sedona Secrets

4745 Sedona Secrets

Lots of them. Many of which, only patient hikers and rock climbers ever see. Oh, and pilots of course. 🙂

This time we’ll stay longer, hopefully wake with the sunrise on our tent, probably fly around more and several different times, and drive to some of the scenes we liked from the air to hike around a bit. All with another camera even better than the one used for these pix. If we’re lucky the weather will cooperate. …But that’s about the trip we “Take”


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