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Big News! 🙂

I’ll say it again, for us there are Five Trips in every Big Adventure. The trip you Dream, Plan, Take, Remember, and Dream. Yes, we Dream them twice, because the dreams before it happens are powerful yet distinct from the powerful dreams we have after every Big Adventure. So the news is, we’ve just advanced from Dream to Plan on a new Big Adventure: “4C.” That is, the Four Corners region of the great American Southwest. Maybe this will clarify for you:

4C 1st Plan: Avare

4C 1st Plan: Avare

Maybe not? Well, this is from a screen capture in the free Avare aviation app I helped develop with my good friend Zubair (more on that later). The little red “airplane” icon at bottom-left shows where we are in SB. The purple line from there is vaguely our route flying four hours or so to Sedona. There we might tent but however we sleep, the next day we’ll meet up with Zubair and his family of four who will have flown commercial from Boston and rented a plane in the Phoenix area. Then we’ll set off in loose formation to explore the Four Corners, vaguely on an initial route we dreamed something like this:

4C Trip Drive Map

4C Trip Drive Map

There was a line in Back To The Future something like, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!” Well, we’ll be fine with roads, but as you can imagine we’ll be going places roads don’t reach and seeing marvels invisible to all but those who fly as we do. We’ll probably enjoy about 2 hours a day or so of flying around, punctuated with some drives and hikes and maybe short boat trips. Even so, that dreamy magic carpet ride will probably be less than half of the 22 grueling hours gMaps estimated it would take to roughly drive that route with no detours. I love to fly! 🙂

So if you’d like to “fly along” with us, stay tuned to this blog for more on our Plan and our Trip as it unfolds. I’m hoping to have more ease with posting updates along the way, because this year Verizon has seen fit to allow us access to the cellphone data we’re paying for, on our laptops.

In case you’re wondering about that green line at the lower-right of the top pic, that’s where we’re heading after Zubair and family head back to Phoenix for their return jet to Boston. We’ll then carry on into Phase Two of 4C: our first adventure into the high Rockies and more detailed exploration of Colorado!


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