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This was an Up day. Not just another day when our mood was light and easy, with innumerable fun moments. Today we flew. It’s almost overwhelming looking at the pix, but I’ve quickly gone thru them to save space on our storage and backups so tomorrow morning I can share some picks. For now, here’s a nice shot of our two hotels in Lucaya (the first here on Grand Bahama Island was in downtown Freeport).

0912 Nice & Nicer

0912 Nice & Nicer

The square pink one at the top is the front building of Pelican Bay, where we had that great view of the marina. Our room now is in the Grand Lucayan complex, near the right end of the curvy building a couple of floors above the palm tree tops. Cool to see it from up here, and wonder what Tripp looked like purring past from down there. I’m excited to choose among the great shots I’ve just skimmed. 🙂


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