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We woke this morning planning to take an aerial tour of Grand Bahama Island and then make the short hop over to Abaco for a night or two at the Treasure Cay Resort. Some beautiful azure seas, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and maybe a taste of elegance. All at a slightly more affordable hotel rate.

Freeport -> Treasure Cay

Freeport -> Treasure Cay

Pelican Bay hotel where we stayed last night offers each guest one free trip out the bay to a place where you can swim, but we just missed the boat we meant to take so we went for a walk to wait the hour until the next. We decided to cross the street and just see how exorbitant the Grand Lucayan Resort is. Looking past the lovely infinity pool to the azure seas I asked, “How much more would you pay for this?” After some discussion we settled on $200. Here’s what a small piece of the view looks like from the lobby.

0837 Why?

0837 Why?

This begs the question, “Even to save $200 why would we stay at Pelican Bay when this is across the street?” Next we discovered the 7 miles from airport to resort at Treasure Cay would cost at least $60. Would we pay $200 more to stay here with all the other attractions of Lucaya and Freeport an easy walk or $1 bus ride away? Well, the price difference for the location above compared with where we were last night was $5. Here vs. Treasure Cay might work out about the same or a little less. Yes, that’s a hotel pianist in the lobby, and no that’s not me in the hat enjoying the view. Yet. Guess where we’re staying tonite? We’ll take aerial tours of some other islands, but I have a feeling this might be our only Bahamian hotel. 🙂



  1. We missed it, but the rest of our group flew to Staniel Cay and swam with pigs! Try it if you get a chance 🙂

    Comment by flynthings — 2013/03/29 @ 00:29

    • Now that’s a once in a lifetime activity. 🙂

      We’re liking Grand Bahama so much, there’s a chance we’ll just do aerial tours of other islands and stay here. Now that we have a comfy and affordable hotel with internet, we might score a good rate on another island. The one I’d most like to visit is San Salvador, but it’s a bit far for there & back in a day. Heard it has serious mosquitoes tho. 😦

      Comment by John — 2013/03/29 @ 00:58

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