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Forget and Change

We forgot how beautiful the desert around Tucson is. The rocks and plants have an austere magnificence.

5159 Rocks & Catcti

5159 Rocks & Cacti

Even tho we loved it back then, we’d forgotten how much we loved the Sonoran Desert Museum. But it’s so changed, too! Vastly bigger than what we remember, and many more people there. Our favorite attraction among many was the hummingbird exhibit.

5105 Hummer

5105 Hummer

Reminded me of visiting the San Diego Zoo, on a smaller scale. A similar sense that you were at a widely famous attraction. Maybe we have to forget in order to change, or even to perceive change. If our memories were completely lucid and fixed, seems to me that meaningful change would be very difficult.

When we visited Tucson years ago, it had a small town feel. Today it felt like a really sprawled city, with reminders of the past sprinkled around the edges and a thick layer of haze pulled over it.

5198 View From the Edge

5198 View From the Edge


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