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High Minded

I used to think about taking the train from SB to Lompoc, just to see that beautiful coast.

2804 Amtrak Coast

2804 Amtrak Coast

These days, having flown it many times with views like this, not so much.

2805 Highfalutin

2805 Highfalutin?

Is it “high minded,” highfalutin” or just plain snobby of me to look down at that little train in this big view, and imagine the brief glimpses it provides of the scene we’re immersed in up here? I don’t mean to be sanctimonious, yet flying is such a magical thing! Added to the immensity of panoramic delight, there are little scenes like this magical blending of colors and shapes.

2798 Dream Carpet

2798 Dream Carpet

It all weaves into a Dream Carpet every time we fly even for a few minutes. I hope you can forgive how endlessly and ebulliently I sing the praises of flight, because to me the words and pix still fall so woefully short of giving you an appreciation of my pure Joy. 🙂


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  1. As always, in the midst of our busy lives, your photos are a joyful pleasure to behold. And, by the way, I want a sweater like that last one! xoMerrilee

    Comment by Merrilee Gomez — 2013/01/13 @ 15:32

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