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I was wrong. Not just when I said no more 3D pix. In fact, this new batch is because I was wrong about how to do them. I liked the ones I did, but just last night discovered I’d been doing them wrong. Because our eyes cross in order to create the 3D effect from two photos taken at different angles, the photos need to be “crossed” too. They really pop now, so if you’d like to compare here’s two versions of the barn.

2560 Crossed

2560 Crossed – this Pops!

2560 Barn-O-Rama

2560 Barn-O-Rama – scattered

In case you’ve forgotten (or never learned) how to see them in 3D: Look at the white line in the center, slowly cross your eyes until you see three images, then gradually cross or uncross your eyes until the two barns in the middle image converge. You’ll still see three images, but the center one will magically become 3D. The older version on the bottom had some 3D effect, but the trees were all blurry. Trees on the top one are much sharper and the whole thing has much more depth. I’m putting larger versions on my Photo Page, if like us you enjoy the effect and want to see more detail. Meanwhile here’s another small version that’s easier to see in 3D.

2665-3D Cliff Cave

2665-3D Cliff Cave

This cave is on a textured cliff high on the slopes of the Santa Ynez Mountains facing the Channel Islands, and I like how the sunset colors make it surreal. The 3D depth of the cave and rock texture is accented by the soft touches of scrub growing out of crevices.

After you look at the center line and cross your eyes to get three images, it may help to tilt your head slightly to one side or the other so that the two caves in the middle image line up horizontally. I love how the human brain “locks” the image into 3D. Hope you can “see” the effect, and that if you don’t it’s at least fun to look at half of the pic. 🙂


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