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“We love on wings of glass,” the angel said in last night’s dream. It was such a striking thing to say, I just had to share. Of course I’ve been thinking about it some today, curious where it came from in the sea of happiness where we dwell. An odd association comes up, related to having once yearned to live far from people. That in turn relates to this pic.

2807 Far Away

2807 Far Away

Not just the lighthouse, actually, though I did once imagine working at one or at a forest fire lookout. It’s the little keeper’s house in the shade at top-left that’s somehow associated with last night’s dream. This closeup I got of it evokes such a powerful sense of distance.

2823 Abandoned Dream

2823 Abandoned Dream

I imagine the keeper there a century ago, perhaps with a family. Feeling happy and fortunate to be there. Then things changed for the people and place, until now the dream stands neglected.

Flying from all the warmth and humanity of SB to visit that isolated spot, I enjoyed this vista out toward the islands. I notice now the sturdy aluminum wing in this pic, and am thankful for the contrast to last night’s dream. How far indeed our new wings of marriage have carried us, into the realm of Love.

2803 Sturdy Wing

2803 Sturdy Wing


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