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What Bumps?

When people fly for the first time, they often notice every little bump in the air. Other first-timers may point out that it’s almost always smoother than riding in a boat. But most people who’ve grown accustomed to flying, when asked about the uncommon minor turbulence we occasionally encounter will often say, “What bumps?”

2034 UCSB Takeoff

2034 UCSB Takeoff

Today we decided to take a short evening flight, even though we knew there would be turbulence. I’m glad we did because the air was especially clear, the light was beautiful, and afterward Anne blurted at least a dozen times, “That was Fun!” 🙂

Just after takeoff we passed UCSB for the glorious view above, and coming home after an exhilarating half hour we saw this different angle of it nestled in our magnificent local scenery with a view all the way to Point Conception.

2091 UCSB to Conception

2091 UCSB to Conception

I wish we could take the whole world on one of our amazing little flights that cost less than a movie, and rekindle the soul. But on a totally calm day. 🙂


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