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Ever Onward

There’s a line in the Tolkien books something like, “The road leads ever on…” Somehow up where Tripp takes us so far beyond the concept of roads, it also seems to lead ever onward. It never gets old, and there’s always something beautiful and fascinating to see. Like this pond somewhere in the Camarillo area with an Atlantis look.

2192 Atlantis Pond

2192 Atlantis Pond

Maybe when they used machines to dig the pond it ended up making those intrictate patterns in the bottom that are showing through the shallow water? In this next one you can see past the coastal mountains to Santa Monica, downtown LA beyond that, all the way to the snow-capped peaks beyond.

2195 Mountain Magic

2195 Mountain Magic

Simply magical, even to what I call the “Sunset Pig” of smog hovering in the distance. Maybe it’s due to growing up in SoCA that I think of this when I hear that phrase in Joni Mitchell’s song, rather than 1960s police on Sunset Blvd she was actually referring to. To me it’s magic to see the mountains crisp and chill so near the eternal sunshine of the surf spots beneath our wings.

Hey, in case I don’t post again for a few days, Happy Holidays everyone! May the warmth of family and friends fill your heart with Joy and your dreams with Love.


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