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Stones Sunset Tour

No, I don’t have pix of the Rolling Stones on their geriatric world tour. This is about my fascination with the rock outcrops sprinkled along our majestic mountains. Flying the hills at sunset this time of year, the shadows etch features and textures complemented by splashes of glowing orange light.

1622 Weathered Face

1622 Weathered Face

Faces like this tell such a tale of the ages. All the story that went into creating the stone, accented by the carving of weather and other forces. The variety is visually pleasing to me in an artistic sense too, like this enormous impression of alligator skin.

1627 Tough Skin

1627 Tough Skin

Then there are the stones with signs of humans who passed long ago, like this area where local historian Neal Graffy pointed out ruts made by steel-rimmed wooden wheels.

1632 Slippery Slope

1632 Slippery Slope

If you click to see the larger version, on the left ridge you can make out he deepest parallel ruts. This dry scene somehow evokes an image of a stagecoach full of terrified passengers gasping at each lurch and bump as they imagine tumbling down into the ravine on a dark and rainy night with whip cracking at steaming horses straining up the hill. Scariest on such a night though, would be coming down as the brakes smoked and wheels slid while digging those ruts.

So many impressions come to me while taking a leisurely sunset stones tour…


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  1. Fabulous….thank you for the beautiful view!!!!
    Hugs from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil !!!

    Comment by Anonymous — 2012/12/03 @ 01:06

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