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Down Home

Maybe my tastes in aerial pix is predictable, but is it explicable? I like rocks, and you’ve seen plenty of those here. I like mansions & grand estates, as you’ve noticed. I like sea life & surfers. I also like abandoned human stuff, like this little shack near the beach up past the grand Bacara resort.

1318 Down Home

1318 Down Home

I’ve noticed it often on flights past this area, and thought I’d already shared an aerial pic of it here. Since I couldn’t find any pix here going back a few months and as already mentioned this sort of thing intrigues me, here’s a view down into it.

As for explaining this particular fascination, maybe it’s about Life. Seems to me many of us would like to be remembered when we’re gone, and noticing this remembers the people who lived there in a way. For me it’s also about noticing Now. Imagining myself there when it was inhabited, reminds me that those people most likely seldom if ever thought about it. We tend to live as if things will never change, caught up in living so much we aren’t really aware. When I’ve spoken impulsively, sometimes I can “see” the words hanging in the air and feel something like regret that I wasn’t more aware. If we’d lived here would we have been conscious of our good fortune in living with loved ones on a bluff over the sea, or might all our attention been spent on the mundane? There was a line in a song something like, “Loving is mainly just memories. When you’re gone I’ll be glad to love you.”


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