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I like that our country has a tradition of gathering with family and friends for Giving Thanks. Even though like all other aspects of American life it has been commercialized, there is still a strong feeling of appreciation in the hearts of many who gather for this holiday. For me, it adds an extra impulse to notice and express what is of value. Tops in my list is appreciation of the exceptional woman who joined with me and our friends and family on this spot some years ago.

1560 E. Shoreline Park

1560 E. Shoreline Park

When we’re walking, driving or flying past and I see people gathered around that bench at the east end of the park, it brings back warm memories of that day and a renewed enjoyment of our marriage. We’ve always appreciated our good fortune in discovering Santa Barbara and managing to move here. Even more so since our incredible luck in starting to fly and have our hearts expanded by scenes like this.

1565 Appreciating Home

1565 Appreciating Home

Most of all on this holiday, I appreciate Love. The love of strangers, but of course even more the love of friends and family. In a deeper sense the love of Life that’s evoked by appreciating the efforts of our ancestors who nurtured and advanced our opportunities. As we steadily approach the end of this beautiful life, the colors of appreciation fill our hearts to overflowing.

1593 Appreciating Love

1593 Appreciating Love

May this holiday bring you many warm moments, happy memories, and ever more appreciation as our lives continue to unfold.


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  1. Great work John and Anne Wiley!!!…hugs from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil!!

    Comment by Mary Vieira — 2012/11/25 @ 18:51

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