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The TV news used to say, “We interrupt this broadcast…” and then show something like this. Snapped from our driveway at 11:35am Friday morning. Nice way to start a lunch conversation. 🙂

0939 Jumbo & Shuttle

0939 Jumbo & Shuttle

I heard startled neighbors shout with delight when they looked up to see what the noise was. Tried to call a few friends and alert them as we looked and I snapped, but didn’t reach anyone. I’d been checking online to see when it would pass (wonder if it was on Flight Aware), and went out to watch thinking it would be offshore. We’d even thought about flying and trying to coax ATC into letting us get within a mile for a telephoto pic of it over SB. As is often the case, everything worked out perfectly since it passed almost directly overhead at relatively low altitude. Would have been fun to listen on ATC, but our portable transceiver is in Tripp. Within a couple of minutes it was already passing from view, so I snapped this wide shot showing the two fighter jets escorting it.

0942 Endeavor & Friends

0942 Endeavour & Friends

I can hardly wait to see tonite’s news for all the great shots of it passing over SF and LA. There’s also sure to be some great stuff on the NASA website and a rapidly growing collection of stills on their Flickr page for the flight.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming: More on the AB Joy trip to come soon…


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