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Bay View

I often wish pix could really show what we see when flying, and our relatively low altitude flight along the San Francisco Bay is a prime example. To me this is a magnificent photo.

3307 Downtown SF

3307 Downtown SF

But the camera sees haze more than the eye, and to me that detracts considerably from how it actually looked that day. The angle of light affects pix a lot too, as you can see in this similar scene from the other side after we’d passed the city center.

3316 Past SF

3316 Past SF

Less than two minutes apart, but notably different in the light and color captured. Then keep in mind that we were basically seeing both of these scenes at the same time, plus the rest of a vast field of view. The end result is simply magnificent beyond the ability of pix or words to convey. Yet I keep trying, eh? 🙂

Moments later I snapped this view back across the Bay and the fog, at the city about to vanish behind the fluffy white blanket.

3335 Hidden City

3335 Hidden City

Sausalito was playing a similar game of hide and seed with the fickle fingers of fog, and we passed slowly to admire the many rows of houseboats.

3339 Sleepy Sausalito

3339 Sleepy Sausalito

Something about the fog and the fact we were looking at the houseboats more than on our few prior flights here, gave it all a sleepy look. As if the whole town were about to pull that blanket over itself for a deep slumber.



  1. The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

    –Carl Sandburg

    Comment by Jo — 2011/09/03 @ 20:40

    • I don’t fly in fog, but it has nothing to do with my allergy to cats. 😉

      Comment by John — 2011/09/04 @ 04:59

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