John & Anne Wiley


Hugette’s Quiet Courtyard

I had an aunt with a mansion in Hollywood, and for some reason the quiet mood and smell of stillness is evoked when I look at aerials like this of the Hugette Clark mansion near the bird refuge.

2426 Hugette's Sheltered Pond

2426 Hugette's Sheltered Pond

The whole place accurately conveys the impression of having been frozen in time many decades ago. It’s been kept in good condition by the caretakers even though Hugette never made it back to her childhood playground. With her recent passing I seem to glance at (and snap) it more often when we fly past. Every time, it brings back that mood and smell of my aunt’s mansion of similar vintage. Maybe some day soon it will be opened to the public, and we can pause to gaze on the reflecting pond contemplating past, present, and future.


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