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When we don’t fly for a few days, we get itchy feathers. Even though we flew Friday, today was so clear that at 2pm or so we decided to fly again. Of course, by the time we got airborne it was 4pm but we decided to go out for a look at Anacapa Island before it gets completely dried out. Too late for that, it turns out, but we saw such beautiful vistas! But before I start posting those, I wanted to share a different angle on the Edhat item I mentioned yesterday. I thought it was landscaping and a new driveway being added to an estate, but from the North side it looks like a whole new mansion is going in.

2694 Earthmoving

2694 Earthmoving

Judging by the vacant slope shown on the satellite image of this spot, having homes and presumably wildfire-resistant landscaping there will probably be popular with neighbors. I enjoy looking at big construction projects like this, probably for the same reasons I used to like playing with earthmover toys as a kid. I also enjoy looking at how people with more money than I, spend it on their castles. SB is home to some of the most spectacular and beautiful estates in North America, so that aspect makes flying here even more fun. But tomorrow maybe I’ll post some aerials of the even more spectacular scenery we relished today.


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