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A good pic would be worth 1000 words of course, but since I don’t have any for a variety of reasons words might help. This trip seems to have a sub-theme of helping loved ones release fear of flying and discover the pure joy of trusty small planes like Tripp. Today it was dear Dori, whom we took for an hour over the Renton, Bellevue and Snoqualmie areas nearby. Sadly, this is the best pic I can offer tonite.

0482 Smoky Seattle

0482 Smoky Seattle

The smoke from Wenatchee seemed to be blowing in worse today as a light rain is forecast for tomorrow, so tho it was beautiful for us the camera saw mostly smoke. I like how the Space Needle is peeking around a high rise in the middle of the cluster. Bellevue looks a little clearer because we were closer.

0477 Bellevue Badvue

0477 Bellevue Badvue

Not exactly a sparkling snap, but at least it gives a hint of what we were enjoying. Snoqualmie Falls was fabulous, but I don’t have a snap of that. Instead here’s a worse snap of Seattle from out that way, showing some of the stuff in between.

We’re having a glorious time mixing friends and family with flying, food and fun. We’re hoping to fly again tomorrow if weather permits, and Tuesday might find us taking a first short hop South. We’ll see…


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