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Days in boots

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While walking downtown in short sleeves, John noted “It’s a little cool today without a jacket.”  Then he heard himself, given recent context of our month in climate 100′ colder than Santa Barbara, and repeated the sentence so we could both take in what an amazingly different experience we were having.  So it seemed fun to revisit this man on a bridge in recently purchased big clumpy warm boots.  Though head and hands are momentarily bare, the car is just across the street.  Behind him is the North Saskatchewan River completely frozen and covered with snow.

1520-not in shirtsleeves

1520 Not in shirtsleeves

On the same outing I snapped this snowy home as we drove by.

1529 Snow House

1529 Snow House

We enjoyed our time there, and it’s fun to see it warmly from this distance.

~by Anne


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