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Traffic Cam

I have a smug streak. For years, sitting in heavy traffic I’d look longingly at the opposite direction and see them blissfully zooming along at the speed limit. Sometimes a helicopter or small plane would pass effortlessly at will, and for a moment I’d be transported up and away from the smoggy snarl to breathe freely.

Well now, when we’re flying and I see the “free”way stopped it’s tempting to feel smug about being at the opposite end of that experience. Never mind that few if any of the drivers down there ever look up as I once did. There’s still some pathetic satisfaction for me in a scene like this as we approached to land after watching the 1/20 rocket launch. Am I bad?

4934 UnFairview

4934 UnFairview

Santa Barbarians know that this Fairview offramp is often thick with traffic, but this time it was 101 northbound that backed up due to a lane closure right at the point where it narrows from three lanes to two. Flying has so many sweet moments. 🙂


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