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Turrets ‘n Towers

Looking at pix from our 1/15 flight I got to thinking about how Knapp’s Castle and a recent tower pic could be overlapping in my psyche. Of all the beautiful, amazing and interesting things to notice while flying over Santa Barbara, why did I snap this?

4767 Home = Castle

4767 Home = Castle

Everyone knows there are plenty of mansions hereabouts, but a theme connecting these three pix seems related to the old adage “A man’s home is his castle.” The distinguishing feature of a tower or turret stands out in the two mansion pix, and that could be attributed to my love of the high perspective that’s surely part of the joy I find in flying. But the low remaining walls of Knapp’s are basically ground level. On the other hand, Knapp’s ground level is thousands of feet above sea level with a commanding 180 degree view of Santa Ynez Valley. Guess I’ll need to ponder this more, because there’s an inkling that my love of round windows is somehow related. Art and architecture, like poetry and music, gush from deep within the personality and it seems to me the trans-personal realms beyond where our ancestors dwell in us.


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