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We have always enjoyed beautiful bridges, both for the metaphor of connection and easy flow and the lines of human art interacting with nature. Over the old stagecoach trail that runs past Cold Spring Tavern, the arch bridge on Highway 154 near the summit is our local fav. It might soon be sporting suicide prevention barriers, so every time we see it there’s an extra urge to really enjoy the magnificent architecture. Our flight past it Wednesday afternoon just after looking at the trees on the ridge was no exception.

4494 Cold Spring Bridge

4494 Cold Spring Bridge

We get quiet thinking about the tragic human stories that have ended in the scrub beneath it. Yet we still thrill to the lean lines and remember the many times we’ve enjoyed unobstructed panoramic views when driving across it.

4500 Graceful Span

4500 Graceful Span


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  1. It’s amazing to imagine the Stagecoach trail winding around miles of curvy hilly terrain. Wouldn’t those travelers be stunned to take miles taken off their trek if they could have used the bridge linking two sides of the canyon? And if they glanced up, how more astonishing for them see a little plane circling overhead!

    Comment by Anne — 2011/01/15 @ 08:36

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