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Two in a Row

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After such a rainy month, we delighted to see clear skies, and treated ourselves to flying two days in a row.  John explained our transponder problem, so Monday we took a quick 15 minutes to check it out.  ATC sent us out over the ocean, so we flew higher and got different views than usual of shore.  I like the clouds sitting in stacks on the mountains:

1208 Clouds Grabbing Hills

1208 Cloud Smoke Stacks

Tuesday we settled on our preferred plan to replace the transponder and headed to San Luis Obispo to purchase and get it installed. On our way I got the snowy background of the Sierra Madres, beyond Cachuma Lake.

1243 Cacuma Lake & Snow

1243 Cacuma Lake & Snow

The sun was setting on our flight home, so soft pink skies and twinkling lights through the green Santa Ynez valley accompanied our flight, made even more pleasant with our new transponder.  I dreamily enjoyed the shimmering SY valley, the ocean view as we came over the mountain, and approaching the city lights of SB.  I felt, as I so often have, so very lucky!  And grateful & inspired that John pursued his dream of flying, and went through the rigors of getting a pilot’s license. I’m glad his dream included flying with me too!

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