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Tonight we hosted a small party of “Mystics” – the group we formed for a retreat in Ballyvaughan Ireland with poet, scholar, Celtic mystic and former Catholic priest John O’Donohue back in 2003. It was one of those deeply enchanting and transformative experiences in life for most of us. We met here in SB, went on hikes together, did the 10 day retreat, and have kept meeting sporadically since. Tonight we enjoyed a leisurely potluck supper and regaled each other with conversation, memories and singing. It was a homecoming of sorts, including the sense of connecting with our ancestors. Part of the Ireland experience many of us shared was being welcomed back there by the spirits of our ancestors, and tonight’s conversation touched on that.

In looking over a few photos from tonight, I also glanced back at pix from our 12/6 flight to Neverland. Among those is this one of Brad Pitt’s place, where there also may be some sort of homecoming going on. Since he began spending lots of time in New Orleans, his waterfront bungalow West of town has been deserted except for the caretakers on top of the hill. I noticed tonight that there’s a white car parked down near the beach cottages and lots of cars parked up at the entrance. Maybe he’s visiting, or they’re preparing the place for a visit. There’s some odd black thing with white “doors” on pallets that I don’t recall seeing there before, and I’m curious whether it will be there if we fly out that way tomorrow.

3874 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's SB Beach Cottage

3874 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's SB Beach Cottage


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