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Sweet Pies

Our delightful friends Nancy and Dave were over for a DVD a few nights ago, and in going through my photo folders just now a rush of sweet memories was triggered. Right now my mouth is watering from looking again at this.

0897 Sweet Fluffy Delight

0897 Sweet Fluffy Delight

As I recall, the four of us finished it off that night. Part of my diet plan for the holidaze. It was delicately-flavored meringue with whipped cream and fruit on top.

Guilty pleasure, not just because of the calories. See, we dearly love these two people and time with them is always a treat. At the same time they most often share hand-made chocolates,  home-made bread (lately including the chardonnay yeast sourdough they invented), and always some new insanely delicious treat. Back in the early days of psychology a guy named Pavlov found that ringing a bell when feeding a dog would soon lead to the dog salivating whenever the bell was rung. When we see them, or even think about them, I salivate. Am I a bad person? Does it help that when thinking of them, warm feelings of closeness and shared discovery spread through my consciousness with memories of delightful and meaningful conversation?


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  1. Not to mention the movies we get to watch together and then discuss. Thanks for the sweet thoughts.

    Comment by Nancy Oster — 2010/12/06 @ 04:06

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