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Elect a New SBCC Board

I’m not a political sort of guy. Mostly I quietly follow the news and vote in private. No bumper stickers, yard signs, or canvassing. Tonight I’m fired up.

1795 New SBCC Board

1795 New SBCC Board

We attended a candidate forum downtown, and the slight hesitation I had about voting out the four incumbents is gone! Not just because the only two incumbents who showed up are either misinformed, misrepresenting the facts, or both. Not even because each of the four challengers (Macker, Haslund, Blum and Croninger) is a strong and articulate person I now support. More importantly I see this choice as one between incumbents who have presided over destruction of many educational programs our community needs, and four challengers who will repair that damage and go on to make the college stronger than ever. I’ve been involved in education and SBCC enough to know this is a crucial turning point, and our votes are needed.

I hope you’ll forgive my uncharacteristic political stand, join me in electing four new SBCC Board of Trustees we can trust, and share any comments or questions you may have.

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  1. Send your observations to the NewsPress as I’m sure there are many “fence sitter” not sure for whom to vote.

    Comment by Pat Reid — 2010/10/06 @ 17:04

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