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Shine On Harvest Moon

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Maybe that old song’s not stuck in your head now, but I kinda like it. Especially the part “for me and my gal.” We finally got to TJ’s for groceries at sunset. We’d used up supplies in anticipation of the MerriTimes Adventure so cooking was getting ever more difficult. Anyway, coming out of the store we joined several other people stopping to marvel at the rising Harvest Moon.

0507 Harvest Moon

0507 Harvest Moon

Here are a couple of other pix I just sent to Edhat, in case you don’t haunt that site like we do (or they don’t make it on because they have others).

1174~0508 Sunset Moonrise

1174~0508 Sunset Moonrise

The sunset was brilliant, snapped a couple of minutes after the moon/palm shot (both with the compact camera). Later I went outside with the SLR and caught the moon rising into a flowering tree.

Now I’m imagining the drum circle that’s probably going strong up at Knapp’s Castle. We’ve never gone to that, but several people have told us there’s a circle there and a few other places around town on every Solstice and Equinox. Anyway, with all the planetary coincidences tonight, may your dreams overflow with magic. 🙂


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