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Birds Snake Tree

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We had a fun walk up our favorite small hill at sunset, talking and getting a bit of exercise. At the top is a dead tree (what we called a snag when I was a kid), and hawks contend with large crows (or are they small ravens?) for sitting rights on top. Occasionally we’ll see a dove, or even a finch or two.

Tonight there were two woodpeckers serenely surveying the view, so I snapped it with the compact camera. Now that one’s convenient to carry, but the photo quality and zoom lens capability are limited. After releasing my flash of regret at not bringing the SLR I snapped a few photos, and we resumed our walk. Only just now when downloading the pix did I notice that part of the dead tree looks very much like a snake watching the two birds. They too seemed to be aware of the “snake,” and I like the texture of the larger version on my Photo Page. So herewith, birds in the Snake Tree.

0498 Birds Snake Tree

0498 Birds Snake Tree

What looks like the tail (pointing to the right) of the one on the horizontal branch is actually the stump of a broken branch. We thought at first maybe they were building a nest there, but realized with all the hawk visitors and the lack of foliage it’s unlikely any bird would try to nest there. I wonder if the birds notice the snake shape at all, or whether their main awareness of the tree is what sorts of bugs the wood is harboring.


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