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Sleep & Renewal

We’ve managed to shift our sleep schedule to an easier time-frame. A couple of nights ago we worked until sunrise on an update of the “C4” website. That’s our nickname for the thoughtful group that’s experiencing explosive growth in their grassroots organizing to elect four new candidates to the Santa Barbara City College governing body: the Board of Trustees. The nickname actually comes from the group’s full name Citizens For SBCC (aka – the website I mentioned). It’s a wonderful group of people who care deeply about education, fiscal responsibility, transparency and collaboration (see the website for info).

Anyway, our sleep has been totally zonko. Last night we caught up a bit and tonight we’re already sagging at 10pm so maybe tomorrow morning we’ll be back on track. Today we drove out to pamper Tripp a bit and went for a short flight to Santa Paula to stretch her wings and fill her with fuel. Because we were climbing over the hills enroute, we were higher than usual for a harbor tour.

1049 Translucent Harbor

1049 Translucent Harbor

The water, like the air today, was especially magical. The light haze gave it all a soft veiled effect. The extra altitude also provided a slightly different perspective on Our Town nestled between mountains and seas.

1051 Harbor to Mountains

1051 Harbor to Mountains

Such a beautiful place to fly! Needless to say, it rekindled our interest in starting off on our MerriTimes Adventure! So with one more tweak on Tripp (hopefully tomorrow), we’ll be ready to start packing and decide whether to take off tomorrow afternoon or wait until Thursday or later. We haven’t looked at weather yet, but the recent pattern has been good for departure in the afternoon or early evening.

We’ve struggled a bit with each others’ feelings about all this, but it’s so delightful when we slow down to check in with ourselves and our beloved with the tools we’ve learned and developed in the past decade or two. In many ways, we enjoy such disagreements. I can think of two reasons right away: first, the disagreements have energy and help nudge us toward dialog that leads to conscious closeness. Second, it’s such delicious fun to make up! 🙂

So shall we start a new Adventure? Would it be best to just get started even if only an hour or two before stopping to tent somewhere? Better to sleep one last night in our cozy home and get an early start once any coastal fog clears? Might we want to create a more detailed plan, or just go with our current general notion and follow the “whethers?” That is, Whether we feel like flying, resting, or exploring on the ground at any point. Whether we’d like to detour off our track and look at something from the air or ground (Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Monument Valley, etc.). Whether the weather forecast looks best for picking up the pace or pausing in some interesting place, like we did in Greenville, SC on our Big Adventure several lifetimes ago.

Or, maybe we’ll just keep working on our sleep schedule and Fall weather will rewrite our vision of reaching the Maritimes on this trip.


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