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On A Clear Day

Lately we’ve had many days in a row with hazy air from cool sea breezes, fires near and far, or more often both. So when Sunday looked clear we took off for a look at our favorite part of the world. The new kid’s museum being built downtown has wavy shapes on the roof, and when we spotted drains in the containers they form I wondered if they’d be aquariums but it turns out they’re planters.

1129 Kid's Museum Detail

1129 Kid’s Museum Detail

People passing in trains, automobiles, on bikes or feet can’t see this yet. We saw lots of residents and visitors enjoying the nice weather, including out on the water where we caught this moment in time on a local tour boat.

1213 Relaxing Moment

1213 Relaxing Moment

But on this “clear” day we could look East and see heavy smoke from distant fires, and looking West was whiter smoke blending in with offshore low clouds. Even in what had seemed like clear air looking down on our town, from offshore and above we could see that we’d been breathing the smoke down there before takeoff too.

1220 Above the Smoke

1220 Above the Smoke

Like when we saw planters on the new building, from just a little way up we could see smoke that’s all but invisible down there. Every time we fly it’s new.


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