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In looking at the Santa Ynez River & associated reservoir pix in the prior two posts I realized the game trails I’d seen are difficult to make out. I look at the original full-size photos (6000×4000 pixels) and they’re quite clear, especially in some zoom shots. But I always downsize (and often crop) for posting here or submitting pix to Edhat. So here are pix of the dams at Gibraltar & Jameson reservoirs, enhanced a bit so you can hopefully make out what I’m seeing.

5440 Gibraltar Game Trails

5440 Gibraltar Game Trails

Maybe the main trail coming down from the top-left corner is a hiking trail, but there are lots of other interconnected small trails along the ridge bottom-center. Also along the bank at the top. Wildlife must be struggling to find water anywhere other than the reservoirs and pools created by water released from the dams.

5451 Jameson Game Trails

5451 Jameson Game Trails

I see a pretty clear trail across the top of this pic, above the high water line. In the prior post pix I can make out trails above the pools. Some quite high, as if prey species are checking for predators, or predators are stalking. Would be interesting to have motion detector and night vision cameras up there, so we could watch the nature show.


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